Torre embeddable components

How to use the career pages embeddable component

The following is the base code needed to use this embeddable component in your web page:

<div id="torre-careers"></div>
<script src=""></script>


How to style

To be sure to avoid specificity issues with CSS, make sure any custom selectors you add are preceded by .PREFIX. For example, if your prefix is ABC, you would target the button styles with this selector:

.ABC .ABC__element {
  /* your element styles go here */

We have the following available classes to style the elements:

PREFIX default is torre-careers.

You could custom the style of every element inside the component by selecting the element and adding your own styling rules in your styles sheet.

Exceptions handling

We have the following possible exceptions:

Usage example

An example of how you can use this in code is shown as follows:

Once you check the index.html file in your browser, you’ll be able to observe the jobs from your company in Torre, styled with Torre’s brand. Additionally, if you want to check a functional demo you could find it on this link.